Jumat, 05 Februari 2010

Unique Bicycle

How to ride this bike? just like ordinary bike...
ride on it but you can't go anywhere just imagine it

wheelchair bike "Catapult"

At first sight above the wheelchair bike seemed strange because there is no handlebars and pedals usually paddle like a bicycle. But wait bro! Wheelchair bike is not any good but it was designed by a renowned industrial designer Tom Robbins was named the Catapult. How to move the wheelchair bike is to move up and down the lever (handle) that is on the left-right ride.

Gear Shifter placed to the left handle of the wheelchair, and a brake on the right of both to brake both rear wheels simultaneously. In this model of controlled wheel chair user's legs roda.Robbins also designed a model that can be driven by using the hand to those who are not able to use their feet.


Adam's bike

This bike located in Jeddah, called Adam's bike because this bike is so big and tall approximately 2 meters high.

Adam's bike in Malawi's zone of Jeddah
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