Jumat, 22 Januari 2010

Folding bicycles

The name of this new invention is Bergmönch, which means “mountain monk” in German. It is actually meant for going mountain hiking uphill, and then wheeling downhill. For all of you who love riding a bike downhill but prefer to walk uphill, here is a revolutionary new bicycle design that fits in a rucksack!
Let’s hope the breaks make up for the “missing” pedals and gears. On the way up, you wear the bike you need to go down rough tracks. Walking and cycling are definitely the most sustainable transportation methods, so with this folding bike you can enjoy the best of both. The whole bike with integrated helmet fits into a rucksack with an additional 12 Litre space for gear and food, and weights 9,5kg.

Mini Folding Bicycle
product detail:
Frame material Alumunium
Rim material Alumunium
Frok material Alumunium
Model no 2B_06_125_KE
Place of origin Italy
Brand name Lineup bicyle
from: http://www.alibaba.com/product/gganio-11103645-10765329/Mini_Folding_Bicycle.html
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