Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

Sport bicycles

The Gunnar Sport

The Sport accommodates fenders and longer 57mm reach dual pivot brakes. Ideal for light touring, centuries and day rides. Designed for a more upright road position, with an emphasis on comfort.
These design features make it more comfortable, more stable, but not any slower! The Gunnar Sport has clearance for reasonable width tires and geometry that won't shake your teeth out!

TRAN Sport SERIES Outfitted for heavy-duty adventure with a rugged 26 inch wheel, ALUXX double-butted aluminum frame, multi-position handlebars, a rigid alloy fork for precise navigation, and racks that expand along with your cargo.

Rugged 26-inch-wheel ALUXX double butted aluminum construction frame and Comfort-Designed Ideal Body Position Geometry provides a smooth, stable and highly-functional two-wheeled companion


Lance Armstrong’s New Trek Madone Bikes By Kaws & Barry McGee
Via Supertouch. The Barry McGee bike will debut at the public anti-cancer ride in Hollywood today and then go on to be Lance’s bike in the Nike Montalban Theater space. Lance Armstrong called together some of todays most recognized artists to create custom designs of the new “Stages” art campaign of the new “Stages” art campaign of the new “Stages” art campaign of the new “Stages” art campaign of the new “Stages” art campaign of the new “Stages” art campaign of the Trek Madone.
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